Cyber Risk Assessment Platform

View organisations from an attacker's perspective to better defend against real-world attacks





Zenoic's reconnaissance services provide underwriters, brokers, and organisations with a view of an organisation's cyber risk exposure. Our techniques and methodology follow the same approach that attackers use to determine how to compromise organisations.



The process starts by discovering the internet-facing infrastructure of an organisation. Passive analysis techniques are then used to determine weaknesses or potential entry points that an attacker might exploit to gain access to a target. 


Security Ratings for Cyber Insurers

Providing underwriters and brokers with the data necessary to better understand and manage the risk of insureds 


Determine Policy Premiums

Security Ratings provide insight into the risk exposure of organisations, which is useful for calculating fair policy premiums.

  • Calculate premiums based on empirical data 
  • Justify the price to insureds based on their measured security performance
  • Adjust premiums over time according to security performance


Manage and Mitigate Risk

Gain visibility into your risk portfolio by assessing the relative risk of different organisations.

  • Compare the Security Ratings of different organisations
  • Provide organisations with information to help improve the security of their perimeter  
  • Determine whether penetration testing or onsite visits are necessary to perform 


Validate Information

Security Ratings are based on real-world data, providing an objective view on the state of an organisation's security risk.

  • Ensure that insureds maintain or improve their security posture over time
  • Verify data obtained through questionnaires

Security for Organisations

Assess and manage the external security posture of your organisation


Benchmark Your Performance

Security Ratings provide a way to measure the security posture of your organisation without any complex integration or invasive tools. 

  • Use simple metrics to communicate progress to the board
  • Identify key areas of concern, prioritise resources to maximise impact
  • Compare your ratings to other companies


Measure Changes in Performance

Track your Security Rating over time to monitor for variations.

  • Determine the security impact of mergers and acquisitions
  • Assess the efficacy of security programmes that impact your external security
  • Detect whether newly released public exploits affect your infrastructure


Meet Regulatory Requirements

Use the findings to manage requirements for regulations. 

  • Identify old or vulnerable infrastructure that should be removed
  • Find sensitive information being leaked
  • Identify and visualize the external footprint of your organisation